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Do you have a favourite animal or something else you would like me to draw?

I can draw anything you like in my style, like: an animal, flower, plant, shell, wave, symbol, planet or something else you have in mind. Please leave me a note at check-out with the subject you like me to draw and I will make you an original drawing!

(The images presented are just to illustrate what is possible, every drawing I make will be different and unique ♥).

♥Example1: if you like me to draw a turtle, I will choose a type of turtle and draw one for you in my own style. This can be a land turtle or sea turtle, I will choose one. If you like me to draw a baby green turtle, please be very specific in your ask.
♥Example 2: if you like me to draw a wave, I will draw a wave for you in my own style in any shape I like. If you like me to draw a wave in the shape of a peace symbol, please be very specific in your description.
♥Example 3: you don’t have to be specific in your ask. For example if you can also ask me to draw an ocean animal. I will draw you an ocean animal of my choice 🙂

Please note:
⭐ I will draw almost anything you like, except humans or portraits of animals.
If you like an animal portret of your pet or a specific animal, click here. (Drawing a portrait takes a lot more time,
because I have to incorporate the characteristics of the animal.)
⭐ You can only choose one subject you would like me to draw.
⭐ You will receive the original drawing by post. The size & shape of the paper can vary between 20cm to 40cm.
It depends on the composition and subject and I will choose what will look best.
⭐ You will receive the original drawing! But I can still use the drawing on any of my products and social media.
If you want an exclusive drawing, you can send me an email, but the price will be higher.
⭐ You can not use the artwork as a logo, if you like a logo design and a digital image, click here.
⭐ The drawing takes some time for me to do, so please be patient. Usually it takes about 3 weeks.
Once the drawing is finished, you will receive a track & trace by email.
⭐ Please note, that I won’t send any updates of the process and the artwork will be a surprise 🙂
⭐ If you like to send me a reference image by email, please keep in mind that the drawing can vary in angle or view.
Please trust me to express my artistic version.
⭐ I can add a custom text to the drawing, please let me know in the comments at check-out.
⭐ All drawings are made by hand with black vegan ink on eco paper.

👇I can add the drawing on some products in my shop aswell, such as arprints, patches, pillowcases & pins. Send me an email when you like to know more about these options.

If you order this product, you will receive an original drawing of the subject of your choice.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email & I be happy to answer them for you ♥ Joeke

🎁Free gift with every order 🎁
🐮 Part of the profits are donated to help animals in need! 💚🐷🐑🐟

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Custom Drawing

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