Pack of 3 facemasks

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Pick your 3 favourite face masks to share your love for animals ♥
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(The black masks can show a little bit of white in the corners, due to the printing process.)

Important: these are not medical facemasks. 
Wash your mask before use!
polyester fabric

Use: Wash/desinfect your hands before and after removing your mask.
Only touch the loops when removing your mask.
Size: Medium. One mask fits most, to make sure your mask will fit,
compare it with a current mask you own.
Due to hygenic reasons masks can NOT be returned.
Filter: these masks come with a pocket so you can add your own filter,
you can use a coffee filter, a piece of fabric like denim or a paper towel.
Washing instructions: wash your mask after each use at 60°C. You can toss it within your regular load.
Shipping: I can ship one mask by enveloppe worldwide for €1,79 + 1 free sticker.
More items will be shipped by parcel with a free gift.
Click here for more information about the shipping costs.

🐄 Part of the profits are donated to help animals in need! 🐑

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Weight 300 g

Pigs & Hogs


Vegan Themed


1. Girl with pig, 2. Girl with cow, 3. Bee kind, 4. Chicken, love animals, 5. Unicorn pig, 6. Rhino, powered by plants, 7. Piglets, vegan for the animals, 8. Calf, love all beings, 9. End speciesism