Sew-On Patch End Speciesism Medium


Small patch with the message to end “speciesism”.
(You only receive the patch, the image with the jacket is just to illustrate how you can use your patch.)
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Speciesism is a form of discrimination based on species; to think that one species matters more than another 🙁
Read more about it on this wiki page.

Size: diameter 8,5cm. (All patches are handmade, so the size can vary a little bit.)
Material: fabric mix of poly/cotton
Use: these patches need to be sewn on. To prevent fraying, it is best to use a zig-zag stitch, but a regular stick is possible too.
Shipping: shipping is based on weight. Click here for more information.

🐄 Part of the profits are donated to help animals in need! 🐑

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Weight 8 g

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