Whale Shark - The Ocean

Vanaf: 6,00

Whale Shark – The Ocean

Vanaf: 6,00

Signed Art Print on lightfast paper (without frame).
Size: A3, A4 or Mini (Square print 10x10cm)
With handwritten text “Vegan for the ocean”
☮ Only VEGAN materials used ☮
Gesigneerde Art Print op lichtecht papier (zonder lijst).
Formaat: A3, A4 of Mini (10x10cm, vierkant)
Met handgeschreven tekst: “Vegan for the ocean”
☮ Alle materialen zijn VEGAN ☮

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There are so many reasons to be vegan. One of them is for the ocean.
Besides the fact that fish feel pain and that fishing (especially with big vessels) causes fish a cruel way to die.
Many other animals are harmed in the process, such as dolphins, turtles, sharks etc.
Besides this, the biodiversity caused by overfishing threats ocean wildlife and their eco system.
And as captain Watson (from seashepherd) says: if the ocean dies, we die.
So veganism is a much broader way of LIFE than people think.
It is about being compassionate, but also about the survival of this earth.

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Vegan for the ocean

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