RECIPE: Vegan Pizza Cheese :-)

RECIPE: Vegan Pizza Cheese :-)

Sometimes I make my own pizza, but the one on the photo is from New York pizza.
In the Netherlands you can order a veganized pizza without cheese.
(Be carefull, because Domino’s pizza uses milk in their pizza dough.)
I added some vegan salami and vegan cheese myself. (Best pizza ever!)

Recipe for vegan mozarella:
(also really good in a pita bread from the oven)

1 cup cashews ( you can soak them overnight, but I cook them for half an hour) I use unsalted, but you can use salted aswell.
2 cups water
6 tablespoons of tapioca starch (you can buy this at a Toko)
2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast (in Dutch Edelgistvlokken, you can buy them online in a vegan store or bio supermarket)
2 teaspoons of cider vinegar (I buy mine at Holland & Barrett, this one is vegan and not clarified with animal products)
1 teaspoon of salt ( I use pink Celtic salt)
(If you like you can add some garlic powder.)

Cook the cashewnuts for half an hour and drain them.
Then add all the ingrediënts and blend them really well with a hand held mixer.
(This is important, if you don’t blend them well (or cook the cashews too short) and the cheese will not become smooth.
Now put everything in a small sauce pan (not your best one, it may burn a bit) and heat it.
Make sure you stirr the whole time. It will form lumps at first, but after that it will become thicker and smoother.
When you are satisfied, pour it in a glas bowl and let it cool.
(If you like thinner or thicker cheese, add less or more tapioca starch.)

This batch will make enough cheese for about 4 pizza’s. You can also freeze the cheese,
it actually becomes real nice after freezing and you can break it like shredded cheese.

Enjoy & Thank you for dining vegan ☮

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