This page is for people who have a business or charity
and are looking for unique handmade merchandise to sell.

I can make all kind of products with unique drawings especially made for your business.
On the products I can also add your logo and if you whish a personalised text or message.

It is also possible to resell my own merchandise (such as displayed
in my webshop and events) in your own webshop or store. 

Products I can make are:
pillowcases, artprints, tiles, mugs, magnets, jackets, stickers, postcards, patches, gemstone jewelry & more!

All materials I use are vegan and low moq’s. Most merchandise can be shipped worldwide.

For sanctuaries and charities I can make unique drawings of the animals that they have rescued
to add on the above products. I have a special pricelist for merchandise for charities ♥
(If your charity needs something else, like an illustration or a donation for a tombola or give-away,
feel free to send me a message aswell, I love to help out where I can.) 

Below a few example images of merchandise I could make for you 👇
Please fill out the contact form or send me an email ( if you are interested
and like to receive more info and/or a pricelist. If you have another idea for a collaboration I love to hear from you aswell.

♥ No strings attached ♥

Custom artwork for a sanctuary
Art Prints
Custom drawing for a chairity
Mugs with the custom made art
Mugs for sanctuary Melief
With unique drawings
Branded with logo
All Handmade
Vintage Jackets with Patches
Custom pillowcases
Custom Postcards
With logo on the back
Tiles with different messages
Handmade ; fired in a kiln
Branded with logo
Gem stones with art
Custom Gemstone Pendants
Oversized Patches
Different sizes & designs
Pouches with custom art & text
Totebag for Melief
Large Posters

Fill in this form for more information & prices. Thank you!
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