Vegan Gifts

from both large & small businesses

Find the perfect vegan gift for your vegan friends & family. We have selected 20 fabulous cruelty free gifts for you, from vegan stickers to handmade artisinal soapbars.

Finding the perfect gift can by quite challenging, especially when you are looking for a gift that ticks all the boxes. But no worries, because we have got you covered with these 20 fabulous vegan products, from vegan chocolate bars, animal-free beauty items to cruelty free stickers.

1. Kure Bazaar via Florissana | Nail Polish

This nailpolish is a stylish present for that special person that loves beauty products & offcourse animals. Because this nailpolish is cruelty free, not tested on animals & vegan. Choose between lots of vibrant colours!

2. Sea Shepherd | Whaletale Pendant

Looking for the best gift for ocean lovers? This beautiful pendant comes with a black gift bag. For each country Sea Shepherd has different products to offer. We found this gem in the german webstore.

3. King Monty Via Tak | Plantbased Chocolates

Who doesn't like chocolate? Pick your favourite flavour! Like vegan hazelnut crunch or Pop Rice Bar. You can order these delicious chocolates as bars or in beautiful gift tins. A perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth or to share with guests on your party.

4. Animal Rights | Mug + Coffee

Looking for a perfect present for animal rights activists? Than is buying a gift from a vegan organisation a win/win. This coffee mug is a great way to start your day & spreading the vegan lifestyle. They also sell beautifull bags & comfy hoodies!

5. Joeke | Vegan Home Pillowcase

A stylish addition to any vegan home is this pillowcase. Featuring a drawing of a pig & printed with vegan ink. A gift about loving animals for animal lovers. Every order will be giftwrapped for free & receives some little extras, like vegan stickers & a postcard so you can write a little note to go with your gift.

6. Primal Essence | Handmade Soap Bars

Looking for a handmade artisinal gift? Then these luxurious soapbars might just be what you are searching for. Made with vegetal ingredients only. Choose between different scents & ingredients, like peppermint leaf or calendula & oats.

7. Joeke | Original Arwork on Wood

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind vegan gift? An original artwork for an affordable price makes a gift to remember. All these artworks are made with vegan materials by dutch artist Joeke van der Meer. Check out her webshop to see which artworks are available.

8. Will's | Vegan Shoes

Will's vegan shoes shows that being stylish and being vegan is a perfect combo. All their shoes are made from beautiful plantbased materials. Choose from their luxorious & stylish collection, from sandals to walking boots. You can return orders for free, so if you are not sure of your loves ones size, just order two sizes, to make sure your vegan gift will be just right!

9. Joeke | Vegan Patches

Choose your favourite vegan sew-on patches for a handpicked gift for diy lovers! Or sew them on a backpack, pencilcase or jacket to make your own one-of-a-kind handmade vegan gift! You can choose between different designs & sizes to make your own creation.

10. Bazaar Deluxe | Vegan Tee

This vegan tee makes a fabulous vegan gift for a cruelty fashionista! This t-shirt is both stylish and comfortable. Gifting your vegan friend a stylish tee with a message about compassion, well it can't get much better.

11. Vegan Power Co | Enamel Pins

These colourful pins made by Vegan Power Co make great gifts. They have a wide range of different designs to find just the pin you are looking for.

12. Ben & Anna via Turtlee Green | Natural Deodorant

Vegan, eco-friendly & plastic free, this vegan gift is perfect for your eco conscious friend. The deodorants from Ben & Anna are solid deodorants & come in 7 delicous scents.

13. Nae | Vegan Belt

Finding a vegan belt that is high quality can be quite a challenge. Nae makes all kind of beautiful products from pineapples, their products looks & feels like real leather, but are 100% plantbased. Like these amazing belts, available in differents colours & designs. A great vegan gift for both men & women.

14. Hemp Tailor | Knitted Sweater

The products of Hemp Tailor are made out of a mix of hemp & cotton. They have a wide selection of clothing. With regular online sales, keep an eye open to snatch the perfect vegan gift from their webshop.

15. Skullding Hot | Rapeseed Wax Candle

These skull candles are all made by hand out of rapeseedwax. You can even pick your own colour & scent to create a unique gift with a little edge. Cozy & different at the same time!

16. Vegan Mission | Veganz Snack Box

Some people are hard to shop for, but you can't go wrong with a box full a yummy vegan snacks. Like these vegan snacks from Veganz. A selection box of 9 sweet vegan treats to enjoy.

17. Anti Carnist | Hoodie

Anticarnist is a small business that is vegan to the core. Their mission is a more compassionate world. If you are looking for a vegan gift with an edge, check out their apparel & accesoires like this comfy hoodie!

18. Vervet Monkey Foundation | Adopt a Troop of Monkeys

Looking for a vegan gift aswell as supporting a vegan charity, like the south african Vervet Monkeys. Than this is serious monkey business! You can gift your loved one a virtual adoption of a monkey, a gift to enjoy for a long time with updates every 6 months.

19. Pacifica | Tropical Perfumes

I just love the scents from pacifica, it takes you directly to a remote tropical island. Choose between different tropcial scents like Hawaiian Ruby Guava & Tahitian Gardenia. And ofcourse you can browse their entire webshop for the perfect gift, because all of their products are vegan & cruelty free.

20. Joeke | Vegan Stickers

Looking for a small vegan gift to surprise someone special? Check out these vegan stickers. The artwork is made by a vegan artist & offcourse the stickers are made with vegan materials only. These sticker are also great for wrapping your presents!

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