From every order we donate part of the proceeds to charity, because we love animals. 

Besides donating money, we also donate artwork and merchandise to charities.

☮️Some of the charities we love and support are:

Bite Back, an animal rights organisation that informs the public with different peaceful campaigns
about animal rights and veganism. Equality for all✌️.

Forrest & Friends, an animal sanctuary in Belgium that provides a permanent home for ex-factory farmed animals.
Be kind to every kind.

Animal sanctuary Melief, an animal sanctuary in Germany that offers a permanent home for animals.
Animals who can not go to a shelter or are not adoptable.

Vervet Monkey Foundation, a non-profit organization in South Africa. The organisation rehabilitates and provides sanctuary to over 500 primates, orphaned, injured, abused, ex-laboratory or unwanted pets🐵.

Animal Rights, an organisation active in Belgium & the Netherlands. They believe every animal is individual and has the right to live ♥

Le Reve d’Aby, a sanctuary in Belgium for farm animals & horses.

(Fiona🐒, Forrest🐕& Friends🐖, Survivor🐂)