Bunjamin was hopping around our garden. Not scared of anything & came eating out of my hand. He was sleeping in the open & would have been an easy pray for cats, dogs or vehicles. We captured Bunjamin with an animal friendly trap for stray cats & within a few minutes he was allready caught and looking around like nothing had happened. No one was missing this cutie & we believe he was dumped because he was no longer wanted as a pet 🙁 With the help of some amazing friends we found him a new home with lots of space where he/she can live happy & safe

Even smaller, but just as cute:

Spotted in our living room, hanging on the wall.
Luckily our cats did not get a chance to hurt this beautiful bat & we were able to realese him to the wild. We used a clear cup & a piece of cardboard with holes he could hold on to. We placed him in a tree & a few minutes later (after cleaning himself & removing the cobwebs) he flew away 🙂
Click here to see him fly!

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