This is Gijs! Unfortunately Gijs is not with us anymore but I like to tell you his story.
We found Gijs after someone reported a stray cat with a large wound roaming around the streets. I will spare you the pictures, but it was bad  :-(. Someone dumped Gijs unsterilized and like many male unsterilized stray/feral cats he had been in a fight and this is how he got wounded. Unfortunately Gijs also had FIV (a cat disease which is spread by fighting & mating) and because of this disease his wound was very difficult to heal. You can see in the first picture how this poor baby looked like  to help his wound heal. Luckily the wound healed with a lot of patience and he enjoyed a few very happy years with us. He walked after me like a dog, played with the other cats and slept next to me every night. Fiv is a disease that can’t be cured and he passed away a few years ago. If you like to learn more about Fiv & Felv
check out this charity : Buddykat (dutch language) helping those cats like Gijs 

Did you know? That if a cat has a little bit of his left ear cut off, this is usually done by a vet to mark that the feral cat has been spayed and for rescue organisations to recognize which cats have allready been spayed. Sometimes a vet also tattoos the cat. Especially with female cats, this can save a feral cat from undergoing the operation for a second time. Gijs is also missing a piece of his left ear, because we thought he would be happier back in the wild after his recovery. But it turned out Gijs loved to cuddle and was too tame & too sick so he stayed with us ♥

This picture was when Gijs was still in quarantine.
Because of his open wound & the risk of spreading his disease he could not be with the other cats yet.
We spend a lot of time drawing,
watching tv & cuddling together  ♥ 
We miss him every day!


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