If you would like an artwork of your favorite animal, your pet or anything else, please send me a message 🙂
Please let me know what you have in mind. Color, black&white, a mural, an artwork to frame or to tattoo.
(Please note that a commision can take a while, because everything is handmade.)


Business owners:
If you own a vegan restaurant, foodtruck, shop etc. contact me if you would like to collaborate!
Also if you are looking for:
– custom tableware designed for your vegan restaurant/bar/lunchroom,
– a custom mural for your restaurant, shop or even on your foodtruck,
– looking for a logo design,
– if you are interested in reselling,
– etc.


If you are part of a charity that promotes veganism or stands up for animals?
Let me know if your organisation can use my help ( free of charge ☮ ) in the form of a (custom) design, artwork, mural or something else.
Feel free to contact me with any requests and/or idea’s 🙂 I love to collaborate to save animals and spread veganism!