Cow - Vegan for LIFE

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Cow – Vegan for LIFE

Signed Art Print on lightfast paper (without frame).
Size: A3, A4 or Mini (Square print 10x10cm)
With handwritten text “Vegan for life”
☮ Only VEGAN materials used ☮
Gesigneerde Art Print op lichtecht papier (zonder lijst).
Formaat: A3, A4 of Mini (10x10cm, vierkant)
Met handgeschreven tekst: “Vegan for life”
☮ Alle materialen zijn VEGAN ☮

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On one of my walks I came across these beautiful animals laying in the grass. And although they seem happy,
it sketches a complete different image from the truth. Just like on meat and diary packaging all cows seem happy
and companies make it look like they are having a great life outdoors.
In reality almost all cows spend their entire life indoors (entire meaning: not even a year before they are slaugthered),
seperated from their calves, not getting medical care and NOT being euthanized like pets….
(Google this of you want to know how they are killed.) Ofcourse this is not the image factory farmers want to show,
so instead they let a few ‘lucky ones’ outside to create an illusion. So this might look like a happy image,
but I can not help to feel sad when looking at these magnificent animals.
And how it will be inside the shed in the back for the other hundreds of cows.
They do not have to die for me, do they have to die for you?

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