Pig - Empty

Vanaf: 6,00

Pig – Empty

Vanaf: 6,00

Signed Art Print on lightfast paper (without frame).
Size: A3, A4 or Mini (Square print 10x10cm)
With handwritten text “Until every cage is empty”
☮ Only VEGAN materials used ☮
Gesigneerde Art Print op lichtecht papier (zonder lijst).
Formaat: A3, A4 of Mini (10x10cm, vierkant)
Met handgeschreven tekst: “Until every cage is empty”
☮ Alle materialen zijn VEGAN ☮

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People often tell me they can not imagine to be vegan. They compliment me on my way of life.
For me it is an easy choice, a positive choise to not harm animals. The choice is not about me,
it is not hard to live cruelty free. Living in a factory farm is hard, a cruel way to spend your entire life locked up and in pain.
So to all vegans , try to think about the lives we saved by living vegan.
Even though it can be hard, thinking of all the lives that we could not save.
PS: If you believe it is wrong to hurt animals,
you already believe in veganism.

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