In this post, I would like to share some vegan art materials with you 🙂
I always send the company an email with the question if their products are vegan.
I also explain what vegan means and I add a question about animal testing.
The more people do, the more they will think about it ♥

Vegan art materials & some other stuff*:
– Liquitex, all of their acrylic paint is vegan. Except: ivory black, which contains bone char.
– Amsterdam Acrylic paint, except number 702 (Lampenzwart). Choose Onyx Black instead 😉
– Speedball, alle their products are vegan. Note: their photo emulsion for screenprinting is the only vegan emulsion I could find.
Extra credits for this company, because all their products are vegan and they communicate this on their website 🙂
– Kerpa, ceramic paste (Dutch brand). (100% sure about this one, I have the data sheet to confirm.)
– Mayco, all of their ceramic products are vegan.
– Underglaze pencils from are vegan.
– Ceramic pigments from are vegan.
– Ve-Ka, their powderd glazes are vegan.
– Botz glazes, transparent, crema and black with speckels. Maybe others too.
– Not an art material, however HP inks are vegan, the company still tests on animals (new components and waste disposal). (email date: september 2017)
– Ricoh, could not answer my question about veganism, because their production is outsourced (This answer makes me mad).
– Pehatine, not vegan. This is sometimes used to make glazes brushable.
– Art Resin, or other resins. The products are mostly vegan and all non-organic. But almost all of these ingrediënts have been tested in the past.
This makes it very hard, I mostly ask if the company tests on animals themselves.
– When you buy brushes, be carefull to buy synthetic and not brushes made from animal hair.
– Tesa, they have let me know that their tapes are vegan.
– Just a fun item: has vegan stickers 🙂 Yeah!

*please note that this is based upon my personal research. If you are not sure, please send them an email yourself aswell or Google 🙂

Like to add something to the list? please let me know by email: [email protected]

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