Veganism is a way of life, where the key is not to hurt animals and to avoid the use of animals products.

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For me VEGANISM is about a lot of things, it is much broader that many people think.
It is about peace, compassion and most of all a postive way of life. A vegan lifestyle means you choose not to harm animals,
to respect nature and to fight for a better world; a healthier planet for both animals and humans.

People choose veganism for many reasons, my reason is because I love animals and I do not want to contribute harming them, even when it is an “indirect” harm. But there are so many reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle. For example for your own health. Many meat and dairy poducts contain hormones and antibiotics. Many products are over processed, which mean they do nothing for your health, besides harming it. Another reason to go vegan is for humanity. The majorty of all crops grown are fed to livestock, even in countries where people are starving. Or go vegan for the ocean. Being vegan means not eating fish and besides the fact that fish feel pain, many other animals are harmed in the process, such as dolphins and turtles. Oceans are overfished and if the ocean dies, we die. Go vegan for the earth, a vegan lifestyle is much better for the environment. You use less resources. For example one hamburger will cost 2500 liter water (this equals showering for 2 months).

Sometimes it is hard to think about all these things, but try to look at it in a positive way. When choosing a vegan lifestyle you help animals, other humans, care for our planet, including the ocean and be healthier while doing it.

For me personally going vegan was a slow process, but for others it is a decision made over night. The transition to a vegan lifestyle can be difficult, but remind yourself why you are choosing it. Educate yourself in the process. I did a lot of research before choosing a vegan lifestyle. At first I did not think that drinking milk was harmfull, but now I know different. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I started with vegan meals and extended this to other aspects such as clothing, beauty and cleaning products. You can’t know everything from the beginning.

When you start a vegan way of life, remember that cravings for food that you are used to, will go away over time (believe me, I know). Remind yourself why you are doing this. You will learn that there are so many substitutes that are super tasty. The possibilities of plantbased food are endless. Being vegan definetely does not mean that you have to miss out on anything, but it does mean you will contribute to a better life for yourself and others. Because a vegan lifestyle is better for everyone: yourself, humankind, animals and the environment.

Below I added some helpfull information and links to vegan charities and organisations.
If you are looking for some of my own vegan recipes, take a look at my blog. You can also find some vegan tips there,
such as a list of vegan art materials and a my vegan shopping list. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

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☮ A selection of helpfull links

Movies (most of the available on Netflix):
– What the health (about our health and what health organisations do not want us to see) 
– Cowspiracy (about the impact of large scale factory farming on our environment)
– Forks over knives (about our heath when rejecting animal-based and processed foods)
– Blackfish (the story of Tilikum, a killer whale in captivity)

Plantbased recipes:
– EVA (A belgium charity that informs people about plantbased food and provides tasty vegan recipes)  
– The buddhist chef
– Cooking with plants

Online vegan foodstores (Belgium/The netherlands):
– Vegan Mission
– Veggie 4 You
– Vegavriend ( A webshop for your furry companion)

– Vegusto (Known for “No Moo”: super tasty vegan cheese)
– De vegetarische slager (Dutch brand with both vegetarian and vegan products)
– Dutch weed burger  (Also available in some Dutch restaurants)

– Happy Cow (Super handy directory of vegan restaurants)
– Barnivore (Look up which alcoholic beverages are vegan)
– Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (Helpfull site for vegetarians and vegans)

Charities (mostly from the Netherlands & Belgium):
– Bite Back (Animal rights organisation. If you are thinking of going vegan, check out their “I animal” virtual reality campaign)
– I Animal (Virtual reality experience into the lives of farmed animals)
– Stichting Melief (An animal sanctuary) 

– Animal Rights (Showing footage of factory farming and creating awareness)
– EVA (A belgium charity that informs people about plantbased food and provides tasty vegan recipes)
– Sea shepherd  (International vegan organisation for ocean wildlife conservation)
– Forrest & Friends (Animal Sanctuary in Belgium)
– Vervet Monkey Foundation (South Africa)
– Plentyfood (Dutch organisation for plantbased aid in developing countries)

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